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How To Use Extensions Leads Safely

How To Use Extensions Leads Safely

Many DIY electrical solutions around the home and workplace utilize extension leads as a permanent measure. Extension leads should only ever be used as a temporary solution, as continual use risks insulation deterioration, leading to increased electrical faults and dangers.

In order to use electrical extension leads safely, follow these points:

  •  Only ever use fully earthed extension cords (three pin plug, not two).
  •  Never use an extension lead that is warm or damaged in any way. Unwind leads completely when in use to avoid overheating.
  •  Do not join extension leads together to create a longer lead.
  •  Be aware of the load that your extension lead can handle. Usage should not exceed 2,300 watts or you will risk overloading it.
  •  Make sure that your extension leads are appropriately designed for the intended use. Ask your Electek Electrician to assist you in sourcing the right extension lead for the task at hand.
  •  Place extension cords in a safe area where there is no risk of them being driven or ridden to avoid damaging the cable.

If you do require an extension lead for a long period of time, consult your Electek Electrician to discuss safer options, such as additional power outlet installations or surge protectors.

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