Daily Archives: March 18, 2015

What is Testing & Tagging?

The term ‘Test & Tag’ refers to the visual and functional testing of electrical appliances around the workplace and the home. This routine testing procedure checks for defects such as damaged or missing components, and also measures earth continuity, insulation resistance and polarity. State Occupational Health & Safety regulations require employers and controllers of work […]

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How To Use Extensions Leads Safely

Many DIY electrical solutions around the home and workplace utilize extension leads as a permanent measure. Extension leads should only ever be used as a temporary solution, as continual use risks insulation deterioration, leading to increased electrical faults and dangers. In order to use electrical extension leads safely, follow these points:  Only ever use fully […]

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Electrical Safety in the Kitchen

Did you know that more than half of all accidental fires in the home occur in the kitchen? The majority of these are due to the misuse of electrical cooking appliances. Think about it, how many electrical appliances do you have in your kitchen? Microwave, kettles, toaster, oven, coffee machine, blender, dishwasher, food processor, fridge, […]

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