Electrical Safety in the Kitchen

Electrical Safety in the Kitchen

Did you know that more than half of all accidental fires in the home occur in the kitchen? The majority of these are due to the misuse of electrical cooking appliances.

Think about it, how many electrical appliances do you have in your kitchen? Microwave, kettles, toaster, oven, coffee machine, blender, dishwasher, food processor, fridge, freezer, juicer, sandwich press etc. With so many gadgets located in the most useful room of the entire house, it is essential to be aware of these basic tips that will ensure electrical safety in the kitchen.

TIP 1: Safe socket location

Its important that your electrical sockets are installed at a safe distance from any wet area. Talk to your Electek Services electrician to discuss safe, smart locations for all of your kitchen electrical sockets. Do not use cracked, broken or faulty sockets. These need to be covered immediately and fixed by your electrician.

TIP 2: Don’t overload outlets

Piggy-backing appliances onto adaptors risks overloading outlets that are generally designed to handle up to two sockets. Alternate appliances safely by plugging cords directly into sockets. Make sure the socket power is switched off before plugging appliances in and before unplugging. If you must use a power board, use one that has a built in safety switch.

TIP 3: Avoid old appliances

Faulty or old kitchen appliances should not be used. Be wary of cracked housings, frayed or split cables and broken electrical plugs.

TIP 4: Safe storage

Avoid blocking ventilation of appliances by storing objects on top of things like microwaves, or wrapping cords around appliances that are still warm.

TIP 5: Cleaning

Grease build up on stove tops and ovens is a leading cause of kitchen fires, so be sure to clean these regularly. Make sure flues, exhaust fans and rangehoods are always free of lint, dust and fluff. Avoid spraying cleaning products onto electrical appliances as these can damage the integrity of cables and plugs.

All electrical related installations, checks and repairs should be performed by an accredited A – Class Electrician. Contact Electek Services to discuss your electrical needs today.