What is Testing & Tagging?

What is Testing & Tagging?

The term ‘Test & Tag’ refers to the visual and functional testing of electrical appliances around the workplace and the home. This routine testing procedure checks for defects such as damaged or missing components, and also measures earth continuity, insulation resistance and polarity. State Occupational Health & Safety regulations require employers and controllers of work premises to ensure that any risk of injury from electricity is eliminated or controlled.

The first step of the procedure is the visual check, where the electrician will assess the appliance to determine it’s class and the appropriate functional tests that will follow. Once the functional electrical testing is complete, a tag will be applied to the appliance to determine its safety approval or failure. The tag will carry the following information:

  •  Date of test
  •  Result of test
  •  Date of re-test
  •  Testing company name
  •  Tester’s name
  •  Tester’s authorisation number

Employers are required to record and retain all details of workplace inspections for seven years.

The statistics relating to workplace and at home deaths as a result of electrical faults is unfortunately staggeringly high. These tragic accidents can be avoided by annual Test & Tag procedures conducted by a qualified electrician. Electek Services highly recommends routine Testing & Tagging for homes as well as workplaces.

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